FDSS Building Services is a fully insured and licensed contracting building company. We primarily provide concrete construction throughout Sydney. We cover all aspects of concreting works including Excavations, Formwork, Steelfixing and Concreting. We are committed to and believe in delivering every project safely, on time and within the project budget. We have been working with concrete for several decades now and this has helped us cement our reputation as one of the leading concreters in Sydney.

Due to our experience with almost every type of job we will certainly be able to help you regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we deal with residential, commercial, and industrial work. We work closely with all our clients to keep them updated throughout the project, and we ensure that each project is delivered according to design and engineering specifications. We promote open communication with all our clients and believe in building long-term relationships based on integrity and quality workmanship. Our quality control is based on NSW standards and our projects are constantly checked at every stage until completion. Concrete is a long-lasting product when used correctly and we appreciate that if we do our job right the product could outlast the customer and be inherited by future generations, we take the responsibility seriously.

To discuss your current project, feel free to call our Operations Manager on 0406833499 or email us. To request a call back please fill out the enquiry form below.


A well made driveway not only provides an aesthetic improvement it also makes life easier for you by providing a safe smooth service to operate on and it increases the value of our property. Driveways are a feature of your property that you probably use everyday and put under the most stress. It's important therefore that your driveway functions as it should and is safe for any vehicles you use on it.

Driveways also provide high "curb appeal" for your home and as such are often used as a way to increase the value of a home. The large array of concrete colours and styles now available allow you to choose a driveway that works aesthetically as well as providing excellent performance.


Concrete resurfacing provides customers with a cost-effective solution to what could have previously been very expensive renovation work. You can now have beautiful and attractive surfaces on your driveway for a much more affordable price. The process of resurfacing involves replacing old, cracked and dull surfaces with new ones of your colour choice and design.

Resurfacing allows you to either rennovate and repair an existing surface or create a completely new surface. Overlays allow you to create a lock of brick or natural stone, smooth or grainy, and spray on paving allows you to coat the concrete and create any colour you like. We use Avista products for all of our resurfacing jobs.

The advance in resurfacing technologies now allows for spray on and colour based products to be applied. This means that you can get whatever look you want without the same significantly more expensive investment you would need for a freshly poured slab. Obviously it depends a lot on the condition of your current surface as to what kind of solution we can provide you but many surfaces do not need to be completely redone they can just be resurfaced in a strong and reliable product that will keep cost down and allow a quick turnaround.


Stamped Concrete involves pouring slab concrete for any application be it driveways, patios or walkways and then impressing pattersn or textures into the concrete before it is fully dry. The three main reasons for stamped concrete are as follows. Firstly, stamped concrete allows you to create a seamless slab that doesn't rely on interlocking pieces with natural fissures in them that could be susceptible to frost-heave or other subsurface movement. Secondly, it allows you to work more easily with an uneven surface. Thirdly, the process of stamped concrete allows you to dramatically cut the cost by providing the look of a far more expensive product. With stamped concrete you get the aesthetic benefits of interlocking stone or brick without any of the negatives and for a fraction of the price.


Unlike Stamped Concrete which involves making an impression on a semi-dry concrete surface, concrete stencilling involves uses tear and water resistant stencils to create a pattern which when removed looks like mortar joints in your concrete. Stencilling allows you to create any pattern you like and also use spraying to choose the colour of your surface. Again concrete stencilling can help you get a stunning surface for a fraction of the cost of what the imitated surface would actually cost. You can also create monograms and other designs that are completely unique.


Although concrete is exceptionally strong and lasts a long time therre are instances where damage and decay can create cause problems with your concrete surface. Some contractors don't operate with the care and diligence they should and this may leave your surface compromised. Cracks and divots are the most commonly occuring issues with a concrete surface and they are usually caused by chipping. Most cracks we encounter are from poor placement of slabs without sufficient expansion and the wrong blending of mixture at the time the slab pouring is done. The longer you leave cracks the worse they'll get.

A simple solutions is to insert joints into the cracks to prevent further spreading. The major issue with cracks is moisture penetration and the structural failure that can be caused when left untended. Cracks also provide niches for bacteria and diseases to thrive which can be problematic when in lived in spaces. Latex is a common solution for small cracks but when cracks exceed an inch in diameter more robust solutions may be needed to effect repair. Cement is normally used to fix these bigger holes but doesn't hold well on vinyl surfaces. Cement should also not be considered as an alternate to concrete as this would be incredibly difficult to perform eexcept in the case of very large and deep holes.


Pebblecrete was a trend in Australia in the 60's and 70's which has created some tired, old and ugly driveways across the country. We no longer field requests for the creation of pebblecrete surfaces but we do get a lot of requests to fix or replace them. Pebblecrete was originally created to provide a non slip surface and it performs that function quite well but it now has been superseded by so many superior products aesthetically and in terms of performance. Cleaning pebblecrete is actually the major source of our enquiries. Quite frankly it will be cheaper in the long run for you to replace or resurface with new modern styles and designs rather than constantly fighting to keep a pebblecrete surface clean and in shape.


We have a standard price list for our concreting services per square metre

  • 10m2 x $140/m2 = $1300 + GST
  • 20m2 x $115/m2 = $2400 + GST
  • 30m2 x $100/m2 = $3300 + GST
  • 40m2 x $95/m2 = $4000 + GST
  • 50m2 x $90/m2 = $4500 + GSTe
  • +60m2 x $85/m2 = ? + GST
  • +100m2 x $80/m2 = ? + GST

Additional Costs:

  • Colouring concrete comes at an additional cost of $5 per square metre

  • Colour Sealer for up to 60m2 is an additional $850 which is a NSW standard

  • Line pump is not included and is $750 for the first truck and $100 for each truck thereafter. Site inspection needed and will need to be quoted separately

  • Excavation is not included and the site must be inspected for an accurate quote

  • Skip Bins are also not included but can be provided at an additional cost of $150 per cubic metre.

Our above price list includes:

  • Ground Levelling
  • Formwork
  • Steel - SL62
  • Concreting - 100mm thickness 25/20 MPA Concrete

Full List Of Our Concrete Services:

  • Driveways
  • Sides of the House
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Patios
  • Granny Flat Slabs
  • House Slabs
  • Shed Slabs (Industrial, Commercial, Residential)
  • Stenciling
  • Resurfacing
  • Stamping


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